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Fujian military - civilian dual - use technology project achievements meeting

Fujian military - civilian dual - use technology project achievements meeting

  This morning, the "fujian military and civilian dual-use technology project achievements meeting" was held in the straits convention and exhibition center. The meeting focused on the integration of civilian military service and military supply and demand for civilian transfer.
Signing ceremony
  The meeting was jointly organized by the defense intellectual property office of the military commission's equipment development department, fujian provincial development and reform commission, fujian economic and information technology commission, fujian provincial military district office, June 18 organizing committee office and fujian provincial intellectual property office.
At the docking meeting, the meeting collected and recommended 150 products (technologies) of fujian military-civilian integration enterprises, including electronic information, machinery manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biological medicine, military training equipment and equipment, and food processing and storage and transportation of military needs. This paper introduces nearly 80 military and civilian fusion scientific and technological achievements of military universities and research institutes, and nearly 4,000 declassified national defense patents of military research institutes. At the meeting, 16 projects were signed, with an investment of more than 2 billion yuan. Ten enterprises have also signed cooperation agreements with China merchants bank, picc and fujian branch of galaxy securities.
"The meeting has set up a bridge for our military and civilian integration and a new way for us to use rare earth at a high value." Hercynian research institute, Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of rare earth materials in xiamen what tells a reporter, this time they signed a contract with national nuclear power design institute of nuclear research institute in, both sides will be in the field of nuclear war industry insulation material and radiation shielding material, at present in terms of military, has obtained the CMC assembly department of military pre-research project, will provide the key materials for the country's new military nuclear reactor. As for the conversion of military to civilian use, the products developed by both sides have provided high radiation resistance thermal insulation test materials for civil reactors for enterprises affiliated to CGN such as daya bay nuclear power plant. (southeast network reporter Chen nan)