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Fujian held a meeting on the achievements of military and civilian dual-use technology projects to promote the implementation of

Fujian held a meeting on the achievements of military and civilian dual-use technology projects to promote the implementation of

  On the morning of June 19, nearly 70 military representatives and more than 300 representatives from more than 150 military and civilian integration enterprises, universities and financial institutions of fujian attended the meeting of the fujian military and civilian dual-use technology project outcomes meeting at the fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center. At the meeting, 16 projects were signed on the spot, with an investment scale of more than 2 billion yuan. Ten enterprises signed cooperation agreements with China merchants bank, picc and fujian branch of galaxy securities.
The ccpit by military equipment development, national defense intellectual property office and the fujian provincial development and reform commission (NDRC), the letter committee of fujian province, fujian province regional offices, June 18 jointly organized by the organizing committee office, intellectual property office of fujian province, fujian province bidding procurement group to undertake, the 618 industrial development co., LTD aims to promote the development of fujian civil-military integration depth, build "relating to" the people joining the army "and" dual-use technology transformation platform, organization of dual-use technology two-way docking of supply and demand, promote civil-military integration project results.
According to the fujian province CPPCC vice chairman, director of the provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) Wei Keliang introduction, fujian province is the focus of the national famous revolutionary base area is one of the provinces, based on location advantage, fujian effort before walking on civil-military integration, for example, planning integration, industrial convergence, fusion mechanism achieved positive results, preliminary formed the weapons and equipment and supporting, logistics equipment, military training equipment industry system with three characteristics, and in the ship building, satellite applications, new materials, key components, information communication and ammunition, military project industrialization formed six key direction development advantage.
Wei keliang, vice chairman of fujian provincial people's political consultative conference and director of the provincial development and reform commission delivered a speech. Photo by Jane zhang.
"It is hoped that through this meeting, we will jointly establish a long-term mechanism to promote more 'civilian enterprises' to join the army, accelerate the transformation of dual-use technologies between the army and the people, and expand new space for the development of military-civilian integration." "He said.
It is understood that in the early stage of the ccpit, meeting for the civil-military integration of fujian province enterprise products (technology) achievement 150, including electronic information, machinery manufacturing, new energy, new materials and supporting materials of military training equipment, food processing and storage of munitions, biological medicine, etc, also recruited publishes scientific research colleges and universities of inertial navigation, satellite transmission, unmanned probe, super adiabatic civil-military integration of advanced technology such as results of nearly 80 items, nearly 4000 declassified national defense patent pooling military research institutes.
In addition, financial supporting services have also been strengthened. The fujian provincial development and reform commission, together with relevant Banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions, has formulated a comprehensive financial service plan "one enterprise, one policy" to further expand the investment and financing channels in accordance with the characteristics of the military-civilian integration enterprises. (zhang jiqiong, wang Juan)