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More than 1,500 enterprises participated in the "June 18" soe innovation hall for the first time

More than 1,500 enterprises participated in the "June 18" soe innovation hall for the first time

  Fuzhou, June 18 (People's Daily) (yu shanfang) 18, the 16th China · strait project achievement fair (" June 18 ") opened at the fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center. This exhibition will continue to 21, with "innovation drives high quality development" as the theme, divided into three sections: theme exhibition area, comprehensive exhibition area and professional exhibition area. According to incomplete statistics, more than 1,500 enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and the scale of enterprises is higher than that of previous years.
This exhibition covers a total area of 80,000 square meters. In addition to eight pavilions, it also makes full use of the opening hall, corridor and other Spaces for exhibition. There are 120 international standard booths and 245 special booths in the pavilion.
It is worth mentioning that for the first time, sasac organized provincial enterprises to set up innovation centers for state-owned enterprises. The pavilions are divided into the comprehensive exhibition area of sasac and 17 provincial enterprises exhibition areas under the theme of "building new fujian and state-owned enterprises as pioneers". The comprehensive exhibition area will focus on the needs of provincial enterprises in projects, technologies, talents and funds. In terms of projects, 118 major projects with a total investment of 501 billion yuan were launched, and 13 enterprises were introduced to introduce strategic investors. Technology: 81 innovation platforms were launched, 50 patents and technologies were introduced, and 52 patents and technologies were transferred. In terms of talents, 80 positions with high-end talents are launched. In terms of funds, 32 industrial investment funds initiated and established by provincial enterprises are launched to solicit high-quality investment projects from the society, and 3 industrial investment funds are proposed to be launched to solicit capital partners from the society.
Meanwhile, the provincial civil affairs department organized and set up the endowment industry hall for the first time. Under the theme of "fresh fujian, healthy and healthy", the museum is divided into "local characteristic display area" and "enterprise brand display area". The display area with local characteristics fully demonstrates the innovative business model of promoting the integration of old-age care, medical care, tourism, education and culture. Among them, the fuzhou and xiamen pavilions highlight the "smart endowment", the pingtan pavilions highlight the "cooperation between fujian and Taiwan", the zhangzhou and longyan pavilions highlight the "ecological residence", the quanzhou and ningde museums highlight the "charity and mutual assistance", and the "combination of medical care" in the sanming, putian and nanping pavilions.
This year, June 18 will organize more than 60 small and medium-sized, professional docking and BBS activities. It mainly includes innovation-driven booster project and academician expert project signing ceremony, academician expert workstation licensing ceremony, science and technology achievement promotion and transformation platform signing ceremony of Chinese academy of sciences, fujian financial service quality development exchange meeting, fujian military and civilian dual-use technology project achievement meeting, fujian endowment project promotion meeting. "6·18" artificial intelligence industry development BBS, 2018 national ecological civilization experimental area (fujian) innovation and development BBS, etc.