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    IN 1997

    Fujian nanping sanjin electronics co., LTD


    IN 2002

    The company has passed the supplier certification of Shanghai branch of the world top 500 corning communications


    IN 2003

    The company has become the supplier of tangshan jingyuan yufeng electronics co., LTD


    IN 2004

    The company officially passed the international IS09001 quality system certification, and won the third prize of fujian province employees' excellent technical innovation achievement in the same year


    IN 2005

    The company -SMD ceramic crystal vibration shell supporting metal cover - has been identified by the ministry of science and technology


    IN 2006

    The company - black porcelain flat shell - passed the identification, in the same year - integrated circuit black porcelain low temperature glass case lead frame - utility model patent certificate


    IN 2007

    The company participated in the 6-18 channel exhibition of fuzhou city, fujian province and won the silver award of cross-strait staff innovation


    IN 2008

    The company was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise and fujian innovative pilot enterprise. In the same year, the company officially moved to the new factory of high-tech zone


    IN 2011

    The company has obtained the patent certificate of electronic packaging metal cover production technology and invention, and has been officially recognized as an innovative enterprise in fujian province and as the fujian province &ldquo. L & other; Tax payers.


    IN 2013

    The company has successfully passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification and participated in the 6-18 channel exhibition in fuzhou, fujian province :“ Electronic packaging metal cover ” Won the gold award of cross-strait staff innovation and was awarded by the provincial science and technology department “ Ceramic packaging materials enterprise engineering technology ” Research center,


    IN 2014

    In November 2014, the company was officially approved as a high-tech enterprise and issued a certificate. The company has been rated as the ldquo in nanping city of fujian province for five consecutive years. Tax payers.


    IN 2015

    The company has been rated as the ldquo in nanping city of fujian province for six consecutive years. Tax payers. At the same time, it is also obtained. Advantage enterprise of intellectual property rights in nanping city, fujian province ” And & other Through the enterprise safety production standardization ” Level 3 certificate


    IN 2016

    National Development and Reform Commission approved to become a military-civilian integration enterprise


    IN 2017

    IC packaging project officially launched

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